Critical Prayer Request
It's June 2013 and I am in need of prayer.  Would please say the following prayer for me?


God (Father) please help Will fully remember that in every cell of his body YOU are present and that YOU are stronger than disease.  And may your peace become Will's. Provide Will with what he needs so he may fully trust in YOU. For this I give thanks, I let it be so, and so it is. (Add a closing from your faith.)

Healing From Cancer
Disease is a message for us to change our lifestyle. It takes a long time to get a disease, and we often unknowingly contribute to our own demise one day at a time by making poor lifestyle choices and carrying negative feelings in our hearts. Disease often lurks in our bodies for five to ten years before being detected.  The goal of this website is to share a lifestyle that I uncovered that is very beneficial to maintaining a sound body so others do not have to go through what I have by evaluating their lifestyle before disease sets in their body.

We all entered life with a user manual available to us on how to take care of ourselves and keep our bodies disease free. All the directions we need can be found in the Holy Bible. Disease is reversible when our body gets what it needs to heal itself. Our bodies will do everything possible to stay well. Although we were not following our body's owners manual, our bodies have a strong desire to surviveóthey are powerful and intelligent and await our lifestyle change for creating a miracle cure.

The source of most disease is stress. But stress doesn't cause our disease. Itís how we react to stress that causes disease. Itís both physical and emotional. By hearing the message to change my lifestyle, I was able to reverse many of my diseases and change my health for the better by a lifestyle found in the Bible.  My change included writing a decree, raw living foods, exercise, water, sunlight, eliminating harmful substances, oxygen, proper sleep, trust in God, positive attitude and daily good turns.

What I learned and did to improve my health from kidney cancer and lung cancer, is in this website.  I knew if I could understand what causes my 243 different types of cells to function or malfunction, then I would know how to restore my health.  When any one of our cells malfunction, we develop disease.  God's plan for me was a lifestyle change and it gave my building blocks (cells) what they needed to reverse my disease and regain health so I could continue to fight the cancer.     

Inspired by Ann Wigmore, Joyce Oliveto, Dr. Day and Solomon Wickey, read about each action item in my Healing Lifestyle change as they are all important to our cells health.   Also, About Will Kramer has information about how I heard the message to change my lifestyle and to survive cancer since 2008.

Even though I continue to have fallout with cancer, this lifestyle has allowed me to take a licking and keep ticking.

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Will Kramer, 2009 Lung Surgery

Team Kramer
Suzie Kramer, Will Kramer Summer 2011

No Harmful Substances
Proper Sleep
Trust in God
Have a Positive and Thankful Attitude
Good Turns

Will's Daily Core Foods
Carrot/Celery Juice
Wheatgrass Juice

Take a Water Enema
Take a Wheatgrass Implant
Dry Body Brushing
Grow Wheatgrass
Grow Sprouts
Test Body pH
Make a Compost Barrel

Daily Supplements
Organ Flush Supplements

Living foods were designed for our living bodies. These living foods transfer their plant energy into our bodies.