My Lifestyle for Healthy Living 

THIS LIFESTYLE FOR HEALING is not just for those who have received the message to change. It's also for very smart people who are currently enjoying good health and who know there is a way to remain disease free.  Restoration of my health came from living all 10 action items together.  Positive and thankful attitude is only one part of my lifestyle.

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!  For His mercy endures forever.Ē  1 Chronicles 16:34.

  • Have a Positive and Thankful Attitude:

    For getting well, our days of being negative, angry and ungrateful are over. They have nothing to do with living within Godís healing plan.  What was in my heart and living my old lifestyle allowed me to get kidney and lung cancer.  Positive feelings (love, appreciation, and compassion) bring you very quickly to a higher level of living life.  It makes you and others feel well.

    A positive and thankful attitude is healing to the body.  By making small changes each day within myself, I began the shifting of my attitude.  As I made these attitude adjustments, my view of how I perceived others changed.  While improving what was within me, I began to also let go of past failures.  Letting go of the past helped me stay in a positive and thankful frame of mind.

    What was interesting to me was the shift that I saw in others as I changed.  As I sent out my positive attitude, it returned back to me through smiles, encouragement, love, prayers, compassion, thanksgiving and other things that further encouraged me to stay positive.  It's almost like I attracted happiness and positive attitudes.  

    As each day passed, I gained greater control of how I thought about and accepted things happening to me.  I was learning that I was in more control of how I felt than I knew.  I had the power to control how I reacted to what was happening and to create better outcomes for me.  I could choose to acknowledge what was taking place, by observing it only, and turning it into a learning experience.  My old way of handling bad encounters with people was to own the problem and relive the event by thinking about it over and over.  I would think about it so much that it became a part of me.  Essentially, I was giving the problem life.  By choosing to become an observer of what took place and  only learn from it, I was turning on healing within me and others.  And the more I chose to turn these bad encounters into learning moments only, the less I found myself entangled with negative people. 

    Forgiving others, for things that I held for years, and getting rid of resentment, is required for being positive. God requires us to forgive as our trespasses are forgiven. Forgiving is essential for improving our health.  It removes bitterness and draws us closer to God.  Also, I had to get rid of my sin baggage. By confessing my sins, I felt God's goodness and mercy.

    Instead of living in the past or worrying about tomorrow, I chose to live in the moment and recognize everyone as God's child.  There is power and a reduction of fear by just living within this breath of air. I no longer live in tomorrows or yesterdays. 

    Learning to live in love, appreciation and compassion for myself and others was powerful.  The power is the power to love, to appreciate, and to forgive.  When I did it, I watched the fear that I once lived in, slip away.  Every moment, we are growing our healing and life by our attitudes towards it and our self. 

    Living the other nine items in Gods healing plan (raw living foods, rest, exercise, etc.) help make it easy to implement being positive and thankful.  




Will Kramer

No Harmful Substances
Proper Sleep
Trust in God
Have a Positive and Thankful Attitude
Good Turns